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 DJ hit the records: A time for relaxation [Open!]

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PostSubject: DJ hit the records: A time for relaxation [Open!]   Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:23 pm

Callum walked up to the eighth floor on his free time, dressing in his white silky button up shirt alongside a pair of decent jeans. He wanted to hear some muggle music and let off some weekly steam. When he hit the floor he visioned a club with flashing lights everywhere, the dance floor barely lit. Given that he was a half blood, his mother and father brought him up each way, so that he could make the choice as he aged, he of course picked being a wizard, but he still fashioned some muggle beliefs. As he saw a door in front of him, he pushed it open with some force and smirked as he walked into a wall of music, physically feeling the bass and rumble the sounds produced. He walked up to a counter and picked up a glass of soda, given he could have whatever he wanted, he still made sure he didn't break any rules. He looked at his watch and wondered if any of his friends got his owl.
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PostSubject: Re: DJ hit the records: A time for relaxation [Open!]   Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:50 pm

Skyler made her way to the eight floor, having received Callum's owl. She wasn't sure why she was being invited really. She barely knew the guy and vice versa. But she supposed the least she could do was show up. It wasn't like she had anything better to do. And she really needed to make a friend other than her kitten. Skyler had been temporarily torn between interacting with people here or maintaining her loneliness in order to make a point, but ultimately decided she was the only one who would suffer. So she decided to end her silence and join the social aspects of school.

And this is where it led her. Opening the door Skyler was blasted with bass. She didn't exactly recognize the music, but at least she one it was music. After that initial shock, she was able to regain herself enough to focus on the rest of the room. Blue eyes lit with amusement as the brunette shook her head, a smirk gracing her lips. A club. This certainly was a surprise. Skyler spotted Callum's back at the counter and sauntered over, picking up a glass of her own.

"Nice spot." She offered without looking at him, choosing instead to take a drink of...soda? Hmm, playing by the rules then she supposed.
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PostSubject: Re: DJ hit the records: A time for relaxation [Open!]   Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:35 pm

Merri had not received an invitation to the party per se, rather she had glanced at someone's notes while they had been napping during class, and just happened to remember the time and place.

Cautiously approaching the stairs on the seventh floor, Merri tilted her head one way and then the other. The last time she had been here, those steps had not existed. With a slight shrug she tossed her hair back from her face and ran up the stairs two at a time.The hall was silent, save for one room that seemed to be almost jumping. She reached out and pulled the door open, a huge blast of sound filled the space around her.

With a grin she dashed inside and slammed the door shut. The club was loud, dark, and full of lights. She swayed to the music, obviously off rhythm but clearly having fun. "What a cool place!" She called out to the two students seated at a counter on the far side of the room.
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PostSubject: Re: DJ hit the records: A time for relaxation [Open!]   Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:19 am

Callum smirked as he saw people arriving, a fifth year by the name of Skyler Riddle had appeared, and even though he didn't know much of her, he would still bump into at the hall every now and then. He sat and thought for a minute before realizing that she was next to him. "Oh yeah thanks, I try to make this a must every week, just reminds me of home, you know the muggle side of life." Callum looked around the room and instantly another female was walking into the made up club, she had seemed younger than the pair, but Callum didn't care how young, old someone was, he would let anyone come hang out, it was better to have a full room then an empty one. He looked at the two and smiled "Yeah just have fun and all that." Callum walked up to the turntables and flipped a record on it and the music seized for a moment, then switching to something more dancey.

Callum looked over at Skyler and began conversing "I hope this isn't anything troublesome, I just came across this floor a couple weeks ago, and all of the sudden it turned into a club, weird things magic can do." Callum chuckled at himself, knowing that he really didn't mind getting in trouble since he was pretty decent when it came to his studies. He looked over at the other female who didn't introduce herself "Are you a fourth or are you younger?"
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PostSubject: Re: DJ hit the records: A time for relaxation [Open!]   Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:49 am

Nice smirk, Skyler thought mentally as Callum responded. Outwardly, she looked at him questioningly. "Muggleborn then?" She asked him curiously. To be honest, it didn't matter either way to Skyler what ones blood status was. It mattered to her grandmother of course, and try as she might to make Skyler care as well, Skyler just didn't have it in her. Especially considering she herself were a halfblood. Though no one was supposed to know that outside herself and her grandmother. "The muggle world sure is different, I'll give it that." She offered casually in a light tone. Skyler was honestly curious about muggles, always had been since she thought her father was one. To Skyler, there had to be something about good about them if her mother fell for one, no matter what her grandmother said.

Skyler nodded with a grin at Merri. Looks like this little get together has attracted even the least likely of people, Skyler thought as she greeted the younger girl and chuckled at her enthusiasm as Callum changed the music. Shaking her head, Skyler offered him a genuine smile. It wasn't something one seen often, considering Skyler was more prone to smirk or grin. "It's no trouble. It's actually quite refreshing. And interesting. Different isn't always bad."
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PostSubject: Re: DJ hit the records: A time for relaxation [Open!]   Wed Mar 13, 2013 2:20 am

Merri twirled one way then another to the music. Her father had attempted to teach her to waltz, so her dance moves were dramatic and over flourishing for club music. She stopped long enough to catch her breath and lean against the counter, her face flush with excitement. "Mm only a third year," she replied with a flash of teeth, "I'm Merri," she chirped, figuring that she could at least give out her name.

Then with another spin, she was back in the middle of the floor. Hopping and bobbing her head to the new music. She could have wasted time explaining that she was actually a couple years behind in school, but then they might think she was dumb or something. "And, the muggle world is boring!" Merri shouted at the two of them with a bemused smile on her face, why were they talking about muggles?
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PostSubject: Re: DJ hit the records: A time for relaxation [Open!]   Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:24 pm

Callum smirked as he took a gulp, he looked at all the flashing lights and shrugged "I am just now getting to know the muggle world, I was brought up in a strict wizarding home, that is why I like the freedom of the muggle world, but I wouldn't give my magic up for anything." Callum looked at the younger girl and said with a grin on his face "I assume, you are muggle born, the wizarding world would be more fascinating if I discovered it at eleven, but my family's views and mine are polar opposites." He looked at the elder girl and scratched his head, he imagined more people would show, but as he knew that the muggle world was the least of everyone's issues.
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PostSubject: Re: DJ hit the records: A time for relaxation [Open!]   Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:59 am

Skyler merely leaned against the counter, listening mildly to the other two's conversation. She nodded in understanding to both parties, for she could see both points of view. Being raised by her grandmother, Skyler knew what it was like growing Ho in a strict wizarding home. Not that that ever stopped her. Personally, Skyler found both the wizarding world and the muggle word fascinating. But that was beside the point. This topic seemed a little at odds with the relaxing setting, and she particularly wanted to stay away from conversations of home life, if possible. So she easily questioned Callum on his little get together to steer the conversation elsewhere. "Hey Phillips, did you invite anyone else? Or was this all just a ploy to get me and Merri all to yourself? Because if so, all you had to do was ask." Skyler knew this was not the case at all, but couldn't help but tease the boy playfully, sending a wink in Merri's direction.
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PostSubject: Re: DJ hit the records: A time for relaxation [Open!]   

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DJ hit the records: A time for relaxation [Open!]

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