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 OO-DE-LALLY ; a dark disney/animation rpg.

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OO-DE-LALLY ; a dark disney/animation rpg. Empty
PostSubject: OO-DE-LALLY ; a dark disney/animation rpg.   OO-DE-LALLY ; a dark disney/animation rpg. EmptyMon Mar 25, 2013 5:39 pm

    'Once upon a time' is how all fairy tales begin. It is, particularly, how all stories with happy endings begin... Unfortunately, the story of Fantasm Kingdom is far from having it's happy ending. However, this was not always the case! Fantasm Kingdom was once a land that thrived on it's happy endings - they were plentiful! Darkness, tragedy... it wasn't something to fear in the time of King Mickey's reign. Not only was King Mickey and kind and just ruler, but his goal was to see all of his subjects treated fairly. Every member of his kingdom were loved and cared for, their needs acknowledged, his ears always open to their voices. In fact, King Mickey longed to see each and every member of his kingdom achieve their greatest wish and, despite the separation of classes, would do all he could to help. He went so far as to try and rid his kingdom of their unhappiness by calling upon his most loyal adviser, the only one capable of helping him in such a manner, Merlin. Together they created a way to lock both Mickey's and his subject's sadness away in a magical mirror hidden in his study... but there is always darkness within people's hearts. A darkness that cannot be removed with magic or kindness, that could combat even the most powerful magic. A darkness too devastating to be locked away. It was this darkness within Hades, Lord of the Underworld, that bested King Mickey.

    Hades, having learned of how prosperous Fantasm Kingdom had become, found himself impeccably drawn towards it in search of discovering just how it was thriving where other kingdoms failed. His curiosity led him to seek out the assistance of the The Fates and with the confirmation that he could not fail lest the kingdom's subjects re-band together to seek out the scattered remains of the coming destruction, set out to find the elusive mirror. As it were, finding the mirror seemed to be a feat too easy to be true, but King Mickey's one fault was his belief that he need not hide the mirror somewhere unobtainable, that no one would look to release the darkness and unhappiness back across Fantasm.

    Unfortunately, he was proven wrong.

    Hades swept up to the darkly clouded mirror, found there was no reflection peering back, and, with one slow drag of a nail across the surface, the mirror cracked. A terrible shrieking noise followed and, with a snap of his fingers, the glass shattered. The splintered pieces scattered around Hades' feet, glowing brightly as they hit the ground, but none lay still. Instead, they vibrated for a beat before shooting into the air and shot in a thousand different directions out the surrounding tower windows. However, before each of them could disappear from sight, Hades reached out to capture one in his hand, fingers closing around it -- a souvenir to keep close, a lone shard to keep hidden lest the rest be reassembled.

    The darkness contained within the mirror was immediately released in a cloud that filled the small space where Hades stood before spreading across the great kingdom like a plague. Everything it touched turned to death; it left a wasteland of what was once the most powerful kingdom, bring with it disease and threefold the unhappiness that was originally sealed away. It spread like a mist, swallowed Souris castle, and taking all of it's subject's hope with it. King Mickey suffered the most, succumbing to the darkness that he had never allowed himself to embody, and became a shadow of his former self. The bright glow of the king faded and a shadow filled his eyes, tore the air from his lungs, and blackened his heart. From the remains of the king came Dark Mickey. Merlin sensed the danger almost immediately following the fall of King Mickey and tore his way to his king's study. The scene was unexpected: Hades, looming over the dark form of the king, turned to give the wizard a cruel, calculated smile before curling into a ball of smoke and disappearing. Crying out in anguish, Merlin rushed forward to save his king, but found it too late. Rendered helpless as Dark Mickey thrust a wave of darkness at him, Merlin drew forth every ounce of strength to protect himself, firing back with a blast of light that sent the once bright king's shadow to ooze into the floor and fade into the darkness.

    Acting fast, though the wizard knew it was too late to save his kingdom, Merlin did what he could -- he threw up a barrier around Souris castle in order to seal as much of the darkness away as he could, to keep it from spreading across the vast and uncharted lands of Fantasm... And followed quickly with an urgent warning to the kingdom's people: flee, take shelter where you can, and head north to Iorian. Try as he might, however, Merlin could not seal the darkness quickly enough and, though most of it became locked in the walls of Souris, tearing at the stone and turning the proud castle to ruins, it still stretched out over the land. It took the lives of many, left few in good health, and effectively stripped those who were not struct down of their hope. Soon thereafter, having learned of King Mickey's fall and disappearance, the kingdom fell into a depression unlike none had ever seen.

    The relocation of the kingdom of Iorian took an entire year and it has been two years since King Mickey's disappearance. Rumors that he is dead, rumors that he's fled, and rumors that he's still alive slip off the tongues of the kingdom's citizens in alleys, whispered with nervous breathe, though no one really knows for certain. The darkness still thrives off of the lands, making it difficult for crops to grow and people to find even a semblance of hope, and many feel the weight of it on their heart... but there are few who are determined to believe things will change, few who can do little else but want to seek out the missing mirror shard pieces and see if the rumor that reassembling the mirror will be the answer. And while the darkness has yet to fully swallow the reborn kingdom there is no doubt in the people's minds that it won't eventually leech away all life... Alas, it's up to the people of Fantasm to band together and find the shards, piece the mirror back together, and hopefully bring back King Mickey. Perhaps the shards can do more than just bring their king back, perhaps if they were used with other intents, with evil and darkness in mind, more than bringing back the light could be possible. Where do you stand in the battle of good verses evil?
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OO-DE-LALLY ; a dark disney/animation rpg. Empty
PostSubject: Re: OO-DE-LALLY ; a dark disney/animation rpg.   OO-DE-LALLY ; a dark disney/animation rpg. EmptyMon Mar 25, 2013 5:48 pm

Accepted! Smile
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OO-DE-LALLY ; a dark disney/animation rpg.

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